Befoil 16 (production shutdown)


The befoil 16 is designed
to sail both with
the hulls in contact with the water,
thanks to rudders and daggerboards,
or fly with its foils.


Thanks to its easy piloting,
the catamaran flies
from 10 knots wind.


The flight speed up to 20-22 knots and the studied design make the boat safe for yourself and others.

An affordable boat made in France

Its unexpensive costs makes the befoil 16 accessible to all sailing enthusiasts

Designed by


befoil 16 can be easily adapted to the level of users and the sailing conditions : the self-regulating T-foil system can easily be changed by a classic rudder-drift configuration.


  • Length 16 ft
  • Width
    • sailing 4,20 m / 13,78 ft
    • folded 2,50 m / 8,20 ft
  • Air draft 7,50 m / 24,60 ft
  • Draught 1,10 m / 3,61 ft
  • Mainsail 11,8 m2 / 127,01 ft²
  • Jib 3,9 m2 / 41,98 ft²
  • Materials
    • Hulls thermoplastic
    • Beams and mast aluminium profile
    • Foils and rudders aluminium
  • Foils
    4 auto-regulated T-foils
  • Take-off speed
    from 10 knots of wind speed
  • Top speed
    up to 20-22 knots

A fun hydrofoil catamaran, specially designed for all levels of users.

From the first flight lessons to autonomous raids,
befoil 16 is suitable for all levels of learning.

The dream of flying with foils is now available for everyone!

Sailing schools

Invite foiling boats in your sailing school!  befoil 16 is adapted to everyone’s sailing project.
Made from recyclable materials, befoil 16 is accessible to all sailings schools wishing to offer sailing foiling solutions. Thanks to VPLP, the architects studio who design the boat, your sailing school has access to the latest technical innovations and allows sailors to perfect their skills on new technology boats.


befoil 16 is a family foiling boat, easy to use. With an adult, children can learn the first navigation maneuvers in rudder-drift configuration before discovering the fun of flight with safety.
Thanks to retractable foils, the launching can be done from a hold or a beach.


befoil 16 allows you to learn the techniques of handling the boat and all its parts.
Supervised by an instructor, the training is first done without flying, thanks to the rudder and daggerboards option. In this context, the experience is similar to any catamaran.
When the minimum skills and reflexes are acquired, befoil 16 flight is simply approached through easy piloting, 4 self-regulating T-foils system, which stabilizes the platform. The large hulls and side ladders make it easy to recall and bar control for safe maneuvering.


Once the basics of flight skills are known, befoil 16 users can quickly and independently succeed in flying. At each stage, learning is a pleasure.
Thus, everyone will be able to learn how to optimize their flight maneuvers and acquire new skills.