Voilavion is a R&D project of Befoil company launched in 2011. Benjamin Magnard, the founder, had the idea to create a foiling boat, designed by the naval architect Xavier Fay, built by Bernard Bachelier, with the help of the Foiling Pionneer and expert Claude Tisserand, and the team management of Blaise Masson. Thanks to a team of professionals, he managed to build a prototype that perfectly foiled from the very first time. In the next years Voilavion tested plenty of different concepts – various foil combinations, tilting masts, jib systems, etc.

In 2017 Voilavion received an ADEME prize to finalize the R&D and create a serial product. That’s how the new and more international name for Voilavion – Befoil – was born. Together with VPLP we worked hard to build Befoil 16 – a foiling catamaran for sailing schools. Our goal is to make an affordable and easy boat so that lots of people could start foiling and feeling these incredible sensations.

Here we are – starting the serial production of Befoil 16 – the first hybrid foiling catamaran for sailing schools and beginners.

The democratization of the foil
To give access to the foil
to as many users
as possible.