How long does it take to learn before you can actually fly?

If you are already comfortable on a catamaran and the wind conditions allow it from 8 knots of wind, you can fly from your first session. Its feeler system linked to the foils automatically regulates the flight height of the boat. You just need to speed iy up and the flight is safe.

Is it possible to sail alone?

Thanks to its self-tacking jib and its stability in flight, it is quite possible to sail alone up to 15 knots of wind.

How is the delivery going?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive your catamaran within 2 months.

This can be delivered to your home or you can pick it up on site at Befoil at 1B rue de l’Industrie, 56100 Lorient.

What is Befoil’s commmitment?

Beyond an audience of individuals, Befoil supports yacht clubs in setting up an economic model. This allows them to ensure the profitability of these new investments in fleet modernization with versatile catamarans.

Is there an age restriction? Is it necessary to have a particular physical condition?

The boat has been designed to make it easy to enjoy an overwater flying experience, safe for teenagers and adults and without any particular physical condition.

What type of body of water can we navigate?

You can sail on any type of body of water as long as you have enough depth to fly (1 meter draft with the foils lowered). For returns to land you can completely raise the foils just under the hulls.

It is easier to start on a flat body of water, with a regular and moderate wind (10-15 knots)

What is the difference with other foiling catamarans?

Its main difference lies in its feelers which automatically regulate the flight by acting on the foils. This ensures a stable and long flight.

What is the price of the Befoil 16 Sport?

The Befoil 16 Sport is sold from 19992 € pre-tax* (23990 € incl-tax). Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote, we will analyze your needs and make you a tailor-made offer.

*Price ex warehouse

Is it easy to handle the catamaran in the beach?

The Befoil 16 Sport is easily handled by two people on sand or other surfaces. Launching is easy as the trailer slides out the back of the boat without any hitches.

Is it possible to see and try the boat?

We will be very happy to welcome you during our events and tests.

Contact us, there might be a Befoil near you to try.

What are the differences between the new Befoil 16 Sport and the old Befoil 16?

Lighter, the Befoil 16 Sport allows you to fly from 8 knots of wind. This new version weighs only 175 kg, compared to 240 kg for the previous version, and its sail area has been enlarged. The same foils are used, and the platform has been improved with rigid glass / vinylester hulls, which bring more responsiveness to the boat.