Frequently Asked Questions
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How long before I can really start foiling?
If you are already at ease on a catamaran, you will fly at your first session.
Are there any age restrictions? Do I need to be in a particularly good physical condition?
The boat has been designed to offer safe and accessible foiling experience to every sailor, from teenager to adults.
Are the foils complicated to mount?
It has never been easier to mount foils on a catamaran as they are located outside of the hulls and fixed directly to the front beam. Thanks to this unique design and to recess under the hulls, foils can be mounted with the boat lying on the sand.
Is it possible to sail single-handed?
Yes it is possible even if the boat has been optimised to be sailed double-handed.
How can I buy spare parts?
A dedicated page will be available soon so you will be able to order online any part of the boat.
Is it possible to see and test the boat?
We will be pleased to welcome you during our trials & events.

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